Timed creative writing

It is one thing being someone engaged with creative writing, like an author. It is another being a banker or a factory supervisor and working x hours a day on the same old loans, the same old cars. The same old targets for so many billions in the credit portfolio and for so many wheels […]

Online authors’ tools

I have some unusual and interesting websites for authors today. These websites perform a variety of services for users. Spruce the tweet up I really like this one, because I go with the belief that images improve your tweets. Spruce is an online site that enables you to make “instant” images with text for Twitter. […]

What authors have in common with breakfast

Seems people turn authors at practically every age you can think of, once their hormones have kicked in. I started writing in school. It probably started with the mandatory essay a week for English Language class, then expanded into articles and stories for the school magazine and intra- and inter-school writing competitions. In college, I […]