Author craft and the curse of comparison

Every creative artist longs to master his craft, and it is no different with authors. But is there one common author craft yardstick for all authors in a given genre? I suppose every romantic author yearns to churn them out like Nora Roberts. And every horror writer would die to write like Stephen King. I […]

Female authors hit back at gender bias

Have female authors been getting the short end of the stick? The gender issue has always been a spark plug waiting to ignite something, and as in just about every other field of enterprise, there are plenty of gender-related explosive somethings waiting to get ignited in the world of literature. Gender bias here seems to […]

Ooh—a new, old manuscript!

Eureka! I just found an old manuscript for a novel in my attic. Not just any old manuscript. It was in a trunk my family has owned for a century and a half, give or take a few decades. The trunk belonged to my great4 grandfather, who gained notoriety by becoming the first of the […]

Writer’s block: know when to run

This writer’s block thing… My first experience with writer’s block was in Grade X. Every week, our English Language and English Literature teacher, Fr. Eugene L Watrin, SJ—I am sure that perfectionist’s soul is feasting on the Library of Heaven—set us two essays to write as homework. That particular day, I came to school essayless, […]

How to marry wrong, or going from caste to outcast

Forgive me. I do try to stick to writing about writing, but I just feel like venting about the caste system in this post, a soliloquy occasioned by a wedding I attended this past weekend. In the aftermath of the wedding, I am left dealing with a smorgasbord of emotions. The groom is from a […]

The practice of perseverance

I retaught myself a lesson in perseverance yesterday. For the first time, I wrote a whole article and polished it up in one sitting of about three hours early in the morning. Not a very long article, about 800 words, but the task included quite a bit of googling, reading and making notes, and at […]

Political correctness, comprendre?

Looks like someone out there thought it is time to take political correctness mainstream. It is time to learn French all over again. Pardon my French, I meant English. The new part of speech: gender-neutral pronouns Seems like the Vancouver School Board has just gelded the English language and approved a new set of gender-neutered […]

I, the author

Want to be an author? Don’t let others tell you otherwise. You are not an “idle dreamer. Poor girl, she thinks she can write books.” That’s idle chatter. You are a dreamer. Don’t let anyone give you drivel about idle, though. Every author was a dreamer—Austen, Bellow, Christie, Dahl… you really think all of their […]

Author’s tribe and genre

I am looking for my book genre, when will then help me find my author’s tribe. Once I have a tribe, I will have sales galore. Once I have sales galore, I can live the life I am writing and reading about. If wishes were readers, beggars would Booker. Click To Tweet  I am going […]

Authors: the digital life

  Have you ever given serious thought to just how digital life is now? Whether you are an author or something else, media dominates your life, personal or professional. All media is digital now, right? Once upon a time When I was an infant, the telephone—the simple, indestructible and heavy black instrument with the rotary […]