Timed creative writing

It is one thing being someone engaged with creative writing, like an author. It is another being a banker or a factory supervisor and working x hours a day on the same old loans, the same old cars. The same old targets for so many billions in the credit portfolio and for so many wheels […]

I have a writing strategy?

What writing strategy do you follow? I keep reading and hearing about not editing as you go along, about rushing through your first draft and finishing it, absolutely finishing it, before you move on to the editing stage. It isn’t in my DNA It isn’t working for me. I don’t know whether I am not […]

Perfection and the writer

Is perfectionism warped creativity? The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt Thus spake Sylvia Plath, and she should know. I checked her out and found that she was eminently qualified to talk about self-doubt. She suffered from depression most of her adulthood, and surely depression and self-doubt share the same DNA? And in spite of […]

Libraries: future shock

Are libraries on the endangered list? Not to my way of thinking. In my last post, I had touched upon the origins of writing and authors. I had wrapped it up by suggesting that libraries will continue to play a vital role in the universe of literature. It would be a serious mistake to conform […]