Social media etiquette and chain mail

Here is a lesson on the importance of taking social media etiquette seriously and not taking social media relationships too seriously. And for all social media users and authors in particular, it is also a lesson on the importance of writing right. A few days back, one of my Facebook friends posted this message: I […]

Facebook page fix

If you are an author with a Facebook page, you want to pay careful attention to some recent… Click To Tweet To begin with, what are these changes? The “kill bill” option On December 10, 2014, Facebook announced the Post End Date feature for page owners. This feature enables you to set a time and […]

Facebook and Twitter

I write this post to try and pinpoint the exact aspects and extent of participation in Facebook and Twitter that authors can most benefit from. You can’t expect big results from either social media site; your sales are not going to take off because you are spending three hours a day posting and tweeting. What […]

Social media sites for authors: my preferred 4.5 sites

I have written a previous post about authors and social media. If you agree that authors benefit from social media, logic takes you to the next issue: choosing the right social media sites for authors. I cannot think beyond Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Not all of these sites will suit all authors […]

Authors and social media

Are authors and social media compatible? Why would authors want to bother at all about social media? Before we answer that question: do we know what social media is, anyway, at least in terms of its utility to authors? Merriam-Webster online says social means “tending to form cooperative and interdependent relationships with others.” Oxford online […]