Why print books rule

What is it about print books that makes them so much more cuddly than digital books? Is it the “feel” everybody keeps talking about: the high you derive from sensory connection, the warmth of paper that digital devices somehow lack? Or is it the fact most of us learnt our ABCs on paper and, given […]

What authors have in common with breakfast

Seems people turn authors at practically every age you can think of, once their hormones have kicked in. I started writing in school. It probably started with the mandatory essay a week for English Language class, then expanded into articles and stories for the school magazine and intra- and inter-school writing competitions. In college, I […]

Wanted: book reading groups

Where are the book reading groups? Readers ought to be around when authors need them, right? I am talking about communities of book readers who are just that, and nothing more. They don’t seem very active on social media. Not on Facebook, anyway, going by my findings so far. Given the diminishing returns from a Facebook presence, […]