Me: Liebster! (smirk, smirk)

A small step for my blog, a giant step for my self-esteem! Author and blogger Christina Keats has passed the Liebster Award on to me. It is a digital smack of appreciation that is passed forward online from blogger awardee to blogger nominee. Thanks a terrabyte, Christina. Liebster means sweetheart in German. I presume the […]

Do I need an author’s blog?

  Addressing all authors: do you have an author’s website? I think the only good website for an author is a blog that receives constant infusions of new content, not a static zombie site. Static websites may be okay for books, but not for the person behind them. Therefore, I am going to use the […]

Yet Another Author’s Blog

This is my first post on my new author’s blog. And yes, that means new author and new blog. I am a novice blogger and a novice author with light years to go before I get a few hundred thousand readers and nail a Booker. I feel the thrill, the nerves, the hope and the […]