Book review of book on getting book reviews

named truths about getting book reviews

named truths about getting book reviews

This is a review of the book Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews by Gisela Hausmann. As the title suggests, Hausmann’s book discusses ways to get book reviews, the best way to handle negative reviews and the benefits of getting a medley of ratings through the whole spectrum: one star to five stars.

Every time I read a book that explicitly or implicitly suggests a how-to quick fix, I am in a state of mild excitement. I anticipate suggestions that will help me work miracles. It seems to be a habit I can’t cure myself of.

Gisela’s Hausmann’s Naked Truths about Getting Book Reviews did not quite give me a formula for working miracles, but did impart a lot of common sense on how to adopt a sensible strategy to get reviews for your book and on how to deal with them—good or bad—when you do get them.

The book is not very long, a read of between two and three hours if you are highlighting and making notes along the way. The book cover is so-so, average graphics and undistinguished typefaces. However, you should not let that throw you off because the contents of the book are well above average and not undistinguished at all.

I read the Kindle version, and found no issues at all with the formatting or other aspects that influence readability. Hausmann’s language is down-to-earth, practical.

It is definitely a book I would recommend that all readers read; in particular, I feel novice authors would most definitely benefit from a read or two.

I liked her suggestions for getting readers to submit book reviews and for approaching other potential reviewers, including top-ranked reviewers, without rubbing them the wrong way. This is an issue that I have given a great deal of thought to, without achieving much by way of connecting to top reviewers so far.

Hausmann has sensible suggestions for how to spot and avoid fake and “orchestrated” reviews.

And here is something I particularly liked: she has some unexpected insights to throw on low-ranked (one star, two starts) reviews and how they can actually benefit the author.

I highlighted her suggestions on how best to incorporate the book reviews you receive into your blog. I will be going back to them because I intend to implement them.

As someone who is hoping to gets tons of glowing reviews one day for my own publications, I finished Hausmann’s book wiser than when I started it. I only wish she had concentrated a little on answering the questions (may be a survey to get these questions?) of fiction writers; she primarily appears to be a non-fiction writer herself, and her book, without being blatant, is focused more on that category of author.

Disclaimer: Except for getting a free review copy, I have not received any incentive from Hausmann, her publishers or any other source for reading the book and writing this review. I have not entered into any kind of you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours arrangement with Hausmann, directly or indirectly.

If you have any suggestions whatever about getting the right kind of book reviews, please comment. I would be grateful.

  • Charles Ray

    Good review, and sounds like a book worth buying.

  • giselahausmann

    Thank you @venkyiyer58:disqus – I appreciate your review tremendously.
    As for finding reviewers for fiction books, we authors just have to be creative. Just recently I got the same question from an author, who writes historic romance. It turned out that three “medieval festivals” are going to take place in her area in the near future (These festivals will feature jousting competitions, lance throwing, pig roasting etc.) Naturally, lots of people will sell related goods there, from clothing to jewelry etc. Festivals are an ideal place to sell books, do a book reading etc, because visitors plan on spending money. Nobody drives 45 min to 1 1/2 hours to a festival but does not spend money there. Once a festival is in the area an author might even be able to get on local TV to speak about the historic period as an expert guest.
    So, it’s all about getting creative and finding local events or stores, that fit to the book’s genre and theme.
    Thank you again for your beautiful review, Gisela

Book review of book on getting book reviews

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