Working at it… The author bit, I mean


Hi. Thanks for being here. Every visit energizes me to keep doing my thing: communicating with you. To learn to write better with you.

I love this blog. It helps me smile away the terror. I try to write funny but instructive, because instructive is the way of showing my gratitude to you for being here. Besides, writing about something is one of the best ways to learn about it. The often completed process of writing and publishing blog posts is a kind of catharsis for the terror I feel over the never-completing process of writing my book, someday publishing it and horror of horrors, marketing it.

Does an author’s life suck? It does, sometimes. Get the urge often to chuck it in? I do, sometimes, and probably you do, too. Should we, ever?

No, even though it is brain drain plotting and hand sprain penning and polishing your damn book. Not to mention the strain of the cover, the blurb and the teaser. The pain of proofreading, editing and ARC feedback. The migraine of the chase for an agent and a publisher, if that is the route we decide on.

And then the marketing. You, me and the other 100,000 authors scrambling out there. All that social media, review sites, video trailers, book signings and giveaways, listings, press releases… Seems like we will be marketing forever. Repeat with the next book. Repeat again. And again.

Walk away from it all? Of course not, especially if you are afflicted with the author bug, like I am.

It’s doable, as Sean Connery told Catherina Zeta-Jones in Entrapment. Together, we can do it.

I intend to keep this blog off the conventional grammar-punctuation-spelling lesson path. There are plenty of folks out there who do all that far better than I ever can. I intend to write about matters, crazy and sane, to do with authors and writing and books that you wouldn’t find in text books and how-to blogs. I’ll try to put you on to everything new and worth investigating in the universe of books: writing them, prepping them, publishing them and marketing them.

If I rant a bit every now and then, I hope you understand; I will probably be ranting the words right out of your mouth.

Come, let’s learn how to write a better book, page by page. And write whole libraries, book by book.

book by book

book by book

Where do I come from?

I knocked around a bit—a success as general manager of a major trading organization in my early 20s and as the head honcho, marketing, of Nepal’s first joint venture bank; a disaster as a brick-and-mortar entrepreneur and as an internet marketer; steady as an editor/proofreader.

After a lifetime in Kathmandu, Nepal, I now live in Chennai, India. I am married to my computer. I do have a human wife somewhere around. Somehow, she gave me two kids; while I was taking a breather with my eyes closed, they grew up.

I read books, mostly fiction. I listen to music and see movies when I can. My taste for music is rather retarded—it stopped growing in the 80s.

I write. It is the one thing I fight to make time for. I write with huge regret that I did not start much earlier in life. I have loved writing all my life, but for most of that life, I was a poor lover.

Venkatesh Iyer

Tough? Venky works fine.