Evernote app, advanced

the mohiomap app

More on the Evernote app? All right, all right, don’t tear my blog down. Allow me this last post (for the foreseeable future) on Evernote. After the introduction in the first post and the intermediate stuff in the second, this third post comes down to the nub, as far as we authors are concerned: the […]

Punctuation rules, rocks

neglected dashes and parentheses

If this post about punctuation rules puts you in a comma, please accept my apologies (they are valid for the misspelling, too). I must be having a lean period. I don’t like writing about spelling, grammar, punctuation and other issues that are a necessary pain in the colon for authors. I figure that there are […]

Best tools for authors

just some more tools for authors

  Sorry about that title. This is my third post on the best tools for authors, after the first one and the second. Here are some more tools, as well as some tricks of the keyboard and some online sites of great interest. And oh yes, one site that some of you are going to […]

How to use Evernote II

the versatile evernote

In an earlier post, I had written about the elementary concepts of how to use Evernote, the note-taking and archiving software. If you have read that article you will know that it touched upon the basics of Evernote: notebooks, the file names you use for your Evernote filing system notes, the data you file in […]

FB surveillance: how to unplug

The Zucker punch

  If you aren’t aware that Facebook has expanded the scope of its surveillance of users—read violations into your private affairs—you are not on Facebook, and you don’t care on Facebook, but you still don’t care on Facebook, and you care, but you are just not all there. Say hello to the Zucker punch. Facebook […]

I have a writing strategy?

edit while writing

What writing strategy do you follow? I keep reading and hearing about not editing as you go along, about rushing through your first draft and finishing it, absolutely finishing it, before you move on to the editing stage. It isn’t in my DNA It isn’t working for me. I don’t know whether I am not […]

Political correctness, comprendre?

Politically correct pronouns

Looks like someone out there thought it is time to take political correctness mainstream. It is time to learn French all over again. Pardon my French, I meant English. The new part of speech: gender-neutral pronouns Seems like the Vancouver School Board has just gelded the English language and approved a new set of gender-neutered […]

7 more tools for authors


Here I am with the second instalment of my posts on tools for authors. Hopefully, you will have read the first instalment. If not, you should read here here. Since I will probably be coming out with more instalments in future, here is a statutory warning: Not all of the tools suit all of the […]

Introduction to Evernote

evernote software

This post is my introduction to Evernote, and the entire post is all about that one software. I have posted on tools that authors can benefit from, and will continue to do so. I usually cover around 6 or 7 tools and describe their potential utility, without going into detailed how-to explanations. In this post, […]

Facebook and Twitter

books on display

I write this post to try and pinpoint the exact aspects and extent of participation in Facebook and Twitter that authors can most benefit from. You can’t expect big results from either social media site; your sales are not going to take off because you are spending three hours a day posting and tweeting. What […]