Online authors’ tools

spruce for twitter

I have some unusual and interesting websites for authors today. These websites perform a variety of services for users. Spruce the tweet up I really like this one, because I go with the belief that images improve your tweets. Spruce is an online site that enables you to make “instant” images with text for Twitter. […]

Writer’s block: know when to run

writer's block: we start young

This writer’s block thing… My first experience with writer’s block was in Grade X. Every week, our English Language and English Literature teacher, Fr. Eugene L Watrin, SJ—I am sure that perfectionist’s soul is feasting on the Library of Heaven—set us two essays to write as homework. That particular day, I came to school essayless, […]

Book descriptions: KISS

literary agent's card

Harder to write book descriptions than to write the books, isn’t it? This world wants you to strip, right down to the bones. Twitter wants you to tell stories in 140 characters. Spaces included. Old time authors wouldn’t find 140 characters enough for the first line of the first paragraph of their first chapters. Smashwords […]

Novel writing down the years

the medulla oblangatoad

Do authors of a given generation tend to be analogous in their novel writing styles? To put it differently, are authors more influenced by the writing styles of their contemporaries than by those of authors past? Those two questions give rise to an ancillary one: are today’s authors also influenced by a “keep it short, […]

All about writing hohum

write without fear

Are you writing real? I mean, humdrum real? I know, most of the conscious authors—at least, those who don’t do “unreal”, like fantasy—try hard to keep their characters, settings and dialogs real. But humdrum real? The maid Janet quits because her jealous mistress makes nasty, for the nth time. She collects her wages and is […]

Obese files, other tools for authors

guide to grammar and writing

It’s time again for leads to some online tools and resources for authors. Remember, as an author, you want to—painstakingly—do your research, verify your facts, get your characters, professions, names, settings and language right for the periods you are writing about. You also want to use tools that save time, effort and cost. Having said […]

What authors have in common with breakfast

the hard boiled egg author

Seems people turn authors at practically every age you can think of, once their hormones have kicked in. I started writing in school. It probably started with the mandatory essay a week for English Language class, then expanded into articles and stories for the school magazine and intra- and inter-school writing competitions. In college, I […]

How to marry wrong, or going from caste to outcast

caste at work

Forgive me. I do try to stick to writing about writing, but I just feel like venting about the caste system in this post, a soliloquy occasioned by a wedding I attended this past weekend. In the aftermath of the wedding, I am left dealing with a smorgasbord of emotions. The groom is from a […]

The practice of perseverance


I retaught myself a lesson in perseverance yesterday. For the first time, I wrote a whole article and polished it up in one sitting of about three hours early in the morning. Not a very long article, about 800 words, but the task included quite a bit of googling, reading and making notes, and at […]

Evernote app, advanced

the mohiomap app

More on the Evernote app? All right, all right, don’t tear my blog down. Allow me this last post (for the foreseeable future) on Evernote. After the introduction in the first post and the intermediate stuff in the second, this third post comes down to the nub, as far as we authors are concerned: the […]