Rhetorical devices revisited

Have you ever thought that the word oxymoron itself becomes a great oxymoron if you just add the letter f to the beginning of the word? Not sure what an oxymoron is? We’ll check it out further down. Earlier this year, I read a book on the magic of rhetorical devices and the value they […]

Author craft and the curse of comparison

Every creative artist longs to master his craft, and it is no different with authors. But is there one common author craft yardstick for all authors in a given genre? I suppose every romantic author yearns to churn them out like Nora Roberts. And every horror writer would die to write like Stephen King. I […]

The magic of rhetorical devices

When I was in school, I learned about figures of speech. I seem to remember being introduced to seven—or was it eight—figures of speech: simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, understatement… Oh dear. For the most part, we got the idea. It seemed metaphor differed from simile only in the use of the word like. Hyperbole and […]

Female authors hit back at gender bias

Have female authors been getting the short end of the stick? The gender issue has always been a spark plug waiting to ignite something, and as in just about every other field of enterprise, there are plenty of gender-related explosive somethings waiting to get ignited in the world of literature. Gender bias here seems to […]

Social media etiquette and chain mail

Here is a lesson on the importance of taking social media etiquette seriously and not taking social media relationships too seriously. And for all social media users and authors in particular, it is also a lesson on the importance of writing right. A few days back, one of my Facebook friends posted this message: I […]

Book review: Create, Narrate, Punctuate

This is a book review of Create, Narrate, Punctuate: How to Fashion Exquisitely Styled Sentences by Ramy Tadros. I received a review copy of this book from Story Cartel. Other than the review copy, I have not received any consideration whatsoever from Ramy Tadros, Story Cartel or anyone else associated with the writing, publication and […]

Me: Liebster! (smirk, smirk)

A small step for my blog, a giant step for my self-esteem! Author and blogger Christina Keats has passed the Liebster Award on to me. It is a digital smack of appreciation that is passed forward online from blogger awardee to blogger nominee. Thanks a terrabyte, Christina. Liebster means sweetheart in German. I presume the […]

Charming words: even if they are “foreign”

I love writing, but I dislike bombastic. My readers’ focus should be what I am saying and how well I am saying it, but they shouldn’t be consulting Merriam-Webster or Oxford to confirm that I am writing English. That doesn’t mean a writer eschews all words that may have some readers scrambling for their dictionaries. […]

Ha! More resources for authors!

I have written earlier about resources for authors tools, some more tools, yet more tools and even more tools; I try to keep tabs on tools that could be profitably used—by authors most of all—and I now have a new bunch of them for you to consider. I must say something about these posts: not […]

Book review of book on getting book reviews

This is a review of the book Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews by Gisela Hausmann. As the title suggests, Hausmann’s book discusses ways to get book reviews, the best way to handle negative reviews and the benefits of getting a medley of ratings through the whole spectrum: one star to five stars. Every time […]